ScottishGuy's - Profile page 1 month post op

Posted :10/2/2009

1 month post op photos. 6 days ago I shaved my hair down to a '3' to try and even out the hair lengths. The areas shaved for surgery were still a bit shorter than this, but I didn't want to make the rest of my hair any shorter - it should all merge in within a couple of weeks I think. The grafts are still shedding but there aren't so many left now so I don't tend to notice until I compare with photos from the previous week.I've posted on the forums a few times about general shedding from other parts of my head not directly involved in the procedure. I do think my crown is looking thinner than before, but thankfully that shedding seems to have slowed down a lot so I've stopped worrying about it.

1 month post op - looking little thin under scar -

Looking a little thin under the scar - could just be due to the hair being shorter and lower density rather than shock loss.

1 month post op - scar at back. shock loss is evident

Scar at the back. Shock loss is evident here. I hope that within two weeks things will look pretty normal though.

1 month post op - view top. forelock is definitely

View from the top. Forelock is definitely getting stronger, but I suspect there is some shock loss. There is a hint of the 'island of hair' effect. Thankfully Dr Rahal filled this whole area with grafts.

1 month post op - front view. pinkness is still apparent

Front view. Pinkness is still apparent but appears improved from a week ago - it depends on the lighting somewhat as to how bad it looks.