Lastchance's - Profile page 5 month update

Posted :10/29/2009

Exactly 22 weeks so time for an update. I've changed the format a little as the top down shots weren't showing enough detail at this stage but I've kept the front on shot at the end for comparsion purposes with past enties.
Progress is going well in that I think that even at this stage there is a  difference in thickness than pre op, making the hair fuller and more manageable , most noticeable at the hairline. I no longer have to use concealer which is the biggest plus for me so far and had been one of the main goals of the procedure. 
Down the road I expect to see more thickening coming in, eg back behind the hairline, see photo 3, in order for the procedure to be an overall success, but so far so good.
Its interesting that the growth that has started so far I've barely noticed regarding hairs breaking the skin, sometimes I think I can feel them , but this could be just native hair. Its really hard to know when you have hair growing into an area with existing hair,

5 month update - night time taken without flash

Night time taken without flash

5 month update - night time taken with flash

Night time taken with flash

5 month update - the right channel just right centre

The right channel (just right of centre), shown with the hair brushed up. This is a key area that needs to thicken up for the overall success

5 month update - and to lesser extent area left again

And to a lesser extent, the area on the left, again with hair brushed up, where I had the FUE placed

5 month update - this is comparison shot same angle/lighting

This is the comparison shot, same angle/lighting as weeks 11 and 16 pics, taken in daylight in front of the window. I'm particularly pleased with how this shot is progressing. Again you can see how my right side needs to catch up at some stage in the coming months