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Posted :11/8/2009

believe it or not it is 1 yr post op- HT2.
overall there has been some improvement from HT1 as expected which is good but the continual loss of native hair really hasnt helped the cause somewhat. so the gains have equally been matched with the loss so the results are so-so at this moment in time.
i think i am going to call it a day in terms of HT for the time being...its been 2 years of my life that i shall never forget lol..with all the ups, downs and experiences i have been through in many different ways in terms of the HT.
anyhow i have attached pics for you to have a look. for those who think that the pics are somewhat misleading sue to light and/or quality, i apologise, i have moved out since i have started a masters degree at university so living in one of the accoms there and i tried to find the best lighting i could in my room :D. anyhow hope you can atleast get an idea of my result thus far.

ht2- 1 year - top down

top down

ht2- 1 year - right


ht2- 1 year - hairline


ht2- 1 year - left


i shall be adding more pics at around 16-18 months post op so watch out for this space.