l.g.'s - Profile page 2 month update

Posted :11/9/2009

Apologies for the delay, I've been experiencing problems posting. These pics were taken exactly on 2 months.
Very happy with the progress. The camera shots don't really pick up the growth of the grafts, but there's definately lots of activity in the recipient area.
It's the recovery of the donor area that's most pleasing. I experienced quite bad shockloss after the surgery and have been using dermatch to cover the area, however the shockloss area is recovering very quickly and I expect it to be undectable at around the 10-11 week mark.
The redness in the recipient area is gone, and i'm almost certain that this process has been speeded up by the use of aloe vera gel once daily.
At the current rate, i think there'll be noticeable growth by month 3.