M&M's - Profile page 6 - Post Shapiro (6 Months)

Posted :11/4/2006

I've always read that the six month mark signifies a significant transformation in the Hair Transplant process. I'm not certain if that means I'm currently at 60% of where I should be or 70% or 80% or perhaps just 50%, but either way, I'm certainly happier than I was one month ago.
It's funny how some photos make my hair look terrific, while others make it still look rather thin. Regardless, the one good thing is that the Bosley grafts and plugginess appear to be a thing of the past. As the good staff at Shapiro Medical assured me ... 'hang in there'.

6 - post shapiro 6 months - good representation what

Good representation of what it looks like - natural lighting, no flash.

6 - post shapiro 6 months - i couldnt resist i *love*

I couldn't resist! I *love* this photo!

6 - post shapiro 6 months - another shot side angle.

Another shot of the side angle.

Still looks a little thin...

6 - post shapiro 6 months - definitely better than

Definitely better than my 5-month photos.

Come on thickness!!!