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Posted :12/5/2009

Just passed the 3 month stage so I hope to see a lot of growth in the next 2 months. From looking at other Rahal patient blogs, months 4 and 5 are the main ones for growth.
A steady improvement from the last update. Redness in the recipient area has toned down some more and will hopefully be gone within a month. I've been applying aloe vera gel for the past 3 weeks (once or twice a day depending on whether I have time).My hair generally feels pretty good, which could be due to the Polytar AF shampoo I use twice a week. I was also taking MSM for most of the past three months, although my supply has just run out and I'm not sure whether to order more.
Feeling has been returning to the recipient and donor areas. I still have some slight numbness above the central donor area, but it's not too bad.My native hair is starting to get a bit longer now (it's not been cut since 3 weeks post op) so the scar is totally hidden. I am able to cover much of the recipient area with my central forelock, although I'd like a few more weeks of growth before I regularly go out without a hat (yes I still wear the hat most of the time). It could just be because my hair is longer, but I already feel that the central forelock is looking pretty strong compared to pre-op.
In terms of growth, there has clearly been some improvement in the past 4 weeks. Bear in mind that I shaved down the temple areas for a job interview 3 weeks ago, so the grafts are maybe a bit shorter than they'd otherwise be. I can see a few patches where nothing much seems to be happening - that's my main concern at the moment, but there is plenty of time for those to fill in.Some of the hairs seem to be pointing in unexpected directions (backward towards the top of my head), but I'll wait to see how things look when the density improves.

3 months 2 days - left temple

Left temple

3 months 2 days - top view

Top view

3 months 2 days - front with head tilted

Front with head tilted

3 months 2 days - left temple cropped 2 month 4 day

Left temple cropped from 2 month 4 day update

3 months 2 days - right temple

Right temple

3 months 2 days - left temple cropped

Left temple cropped