BEN86's - Profile page 4½ months post op

Posted :12/5/2009

I'm happy how the hairline is doing. When looking in a mirror, I don't feel bald anymore and I know it will improve over the next weeks.

On the back of my head, total different story. I can't explain why I see really good results on my hairline and I don't see a big improvement on the back of my head even If I had 400 extra grafts planted for a total of 1400 considering I didn't had a large loss on the back of my head.

I hope it will begin to improve and I hope I won't need another procedure to conceal this area. I already ask my HT doctor if it's normal.

Another bright side, the feeling on the donor area is back to normal and the scar is now white. I asked my family doctor to check the scar and she had difficulties to find it.