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Posted :12/8/2009

By any standards 15 Months is the end of the road and this will be my last photo blog. It's been a long road and as those of you who have followed my progress a bumpy one. On reflection, even though photos are misleading I have a result many would kill for and there has been little growth since 10 months, perhaps some loss as you can see in picture Nr 5. Overall the asthetic improvement has been good, there are still gaps and thin areas, and I can style any way I like but. The result was as good as anyone can expect and hairloss is progressive. Changed my life? No not really perhaps a bit of a lift. The correct decision? Yes undisputably.

15-months-final-result - the right will always be

The right will always be a cover up and there is additional apex thinning which I put down to progression

15-months-final-result - front dry bit cover up schow

Front dry a bit of a cover up but schow the texture and density

15-months-final-result - it usually looks better that

It usually looks better that this on the right but I wanted to put this in to demonstrate density at the hairline, here the hair is brished straight back

15-months-final-result - the right was always my problem

The right was always my problem and the gap did not really fill in but the two quads help to preserve the illusion

15-months-final-result - the positioning grafts cause

The positioning of the grafts cause the hair line to flow from the centre to the edges, the density would perhaps be 30 to 40 grafts per Cm

15-months-final-result - on left it was indisputably

On the left it was indisputably thicker at 10 months, this may correct itself but I doubt there will be any additional growth though I see small terminal hairs