Orion's - Profile page Pre-Dr.-Feller-Procedure-pics

Posted :11/9/2006

These are all Pre Dr. Feller Pics. The hair that you see in the frontal third is mostly micro mini grafts where as the hair on top and back is mostly native.

pre-dr.-feller-procedure-pics - good old norwood 6

Good old Norwood 6 action going on here.. ;)

pre-dr.-feller-procedure-pics - back dont look too

back dont look too bad with some hair and a flash...

pre-dr.-feller-procedure-pics - hairline close up

Hairline close up w/o flash of micro/mini graft procedure..very natural looking! lol

pre-dr.-feller-procedure-pics - hairline with flash...notice

hairline with flash...notice the odd angle the hairline grafts were placed at by Dr. Loria