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Posted :1/3/2010

At last I've reached the 4 month mark!Compared to previous months, this last month has been a lot easier. From 3.5 months onwards, I've felt able to ditch the hat, and also don't bother with concealer most of the time. This has allowed me to pay much less attention to the HT, and I don't look in the mirror twenty times a day any longer.
When I comb my hair forward to take advantage of the layering effect, I can achieve a very full look and that is great. However, it will take a while before I have enough density in the previously bald areas to attempt more ambitious styles.I still have some numbness at the back of my head, but I am only aware of it when I press my head against something. This is improving slowly month-by-month though so it isn't a big concern.I gave the back and sides of my hair a trim last week because it was getting unruly, but I am leaving the front alone for now. In the next few months I will need to devise some kind of styling strategy - I guess I will trim the hair at the front gradually until the grafts match the length of the native hair.My hair is still pretty long at the back and the sides, so I don't even think about the scar. I have a feeling that the scar at the back has a lot of hair growing through it, but I am more aware of the scar at the right side - someday I will attempt a short buzz cut to get a better idea of how things look.I've recently met a few people that I haven't seen since pre-op and no one has commented yet. That is fine by me, and maybe not so surprising. I still have much the same style as pre-op, and because I comb my hair forward the hairline is covered so they may not notice that it is looking thicker than before.The photos are all taken after towel drying, without any product in my hair.

4-month-update - left temple cropped. the lower half

Left temple cropped. The lower half of the photo shows an area that looks a bit sparse so I hope for better in this area.

4-month-update - right temple area

Right temple area

Left temple cropped from previous update

4-month-update - front with head tilted unstyled.

Front with head tilted unstyled.

4-month-update - top view unstyled

Top view unstyled

4-month-update - left temple area

Left temple area