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Posted :1/9/2010

Hi everybody:
Here are my 14 month results. I was a bit lazy for posting my updates lately, mainly because I rarely think about my hair loss anymore. Looking in the mirror or taking pics of myself now, I am very happy with the naturalness of the HT, but I have to admit that a little thicker result would be nice. The re-growth had been so gradual and slow, that at times, I was a bit worried of how my HT will turn out. However, when I put my current result pics with my pre-ht pics, I can now see a huge difference.
I discussed with Dr. Cooley about my one year result, and he considers my result excellent but he also would like a bit thicker result. I am not certain whether it is as a result of low density planted or low yield, I am leaning toward low density planted. Even though I did not ask it, Dr. Cooley offered to do a free touch up of about 400 grafts (200 grafts each temple) in order to add a thicker look. I may take on his offer in the future but at this point, I am happy with my result. Getting a HT, even for touch up, is not exactly a walk in the park. I have no doubt that I can get a denser look (who does not have hair greed) with a touch up, but there is also a concern about scar stretching and shock loss. I don’t think it is worth it at this time considering that the improvement would likely only be noticeable to hair geeks like us. By the way, my scar is a non-issue.
Dr. Cooley said that there is still chance of new regrowth after one year since he had seen with some of his patients. I was quite skeptical at first since i have not seen regrowth since the 8 month mark, and if there are regrowth, it is difficult to see with the naked eyes. However, lately, within the past 2 weeks, I do notice a few velus hairs on my left temple (about 50), that i am pretty sure were not there 2 months ago.
When I initially researched for HT, I found that there were generally two approaches: getting a wall of hair or getting a gradual and conservative density. I went along with Dr. Cooley because I liked his approach…which was to get to natural result with gradual and conservative density along with an efficient use of my limited grafts. I believe I achieved this goal with Dr. Cooley.
Knowing of my result now, would I had a HT? Yes.
Am I happy with my result? Yes.
Anything I would have changed? Perhaps ask for a bit of more density at the temples. However, i reserve my final judgement until the 18 month mark, hoping the new velus hairs will thicken some more.
Would I recommend Dr. Cooley? Yes.
Would I come back and see Dr. Cooley as my hair loss progresses? Yes.
On a separate note regarding finasteride: I still take it and it definitely helped stop my hair loss while helping to fill in a bit at the crown. There is hardly any hair on my pillow or in the shower anymore.
Happy new year everyone and thank you all for your support. I will post my 1.5 year result, but I will try to come back to HTN more often to share my experience and help some hair loss sufferers. I am glad that I got help from HTN and other veteran members when I needed the most.
You can find my video before anything vs after 26 month of finasteride and 14 month post-op HT here:
You can find my video 14 month post op here:
You can find my video 26 months after usage of finasteride here:


crown improvement, entirely as a result of finasteride use, since no grafts were planted there.