Ringo's - Profile page 9-months

Posted :1/13/2010

Hairline looks very good, I think, but no increase from HT 1 as far as I can see.Top down shot, the density I expected to see by now is not there after addition of 2300 grafts.  Maybe I have not waited long enough for results to show.  I still need a healthy dose of Toppik to go out in public.  I am wearing it long because there is safety in numbers.  I use fiber cream to style it straight back.   In the top shot, that is straight out of bed.

9-months - front 9 mo

front 9 mo

9-months - rioght side 9 mo

Rioght side 9 mo

9-months - left side 9 mo

left side 9 mo

9-months - birds eye 9 mo.

bird's eye 9 mo.