azn_guy's - Profile page Day 3

Posted :2/14/2010

Today I followed the Doctors instructions and took 2 Prednisozel, 2 Tylenols, and a Cephalexin. I also decided to take a shower since my hair was really gross. I was very careful and used the shampoo and conditioner that Dr. Cooley had provided to me.Dr.  Cooley also provided me Biafine to use on the donor scar, it is supposedly one of the best topical prescription medications that will help with healing (better than mederma? I have no idea :)....)A few observations about Day 3 is my scalp is itching a tad more, and my donor area has minor aching. I feels more like a headache than anythingI was also prescribed Meperitab if the pain is intolerable, but I don't anticipate using it at all