NCHTJC's - Profile page 13.5 months

Posted :3/2/2010

From what I've gathered after more than a year this will likely be my final result. I am happy with the outcome and would encourage anyone explore the option.  I may consider a second procedure in the future to strengthen the temples but I don't feel any urgency at this point.  While I am happy with how the hair came in, one of the immediate benefits after having the surgery was that I no longer obsessed about my hair loss.  After starting on Propecia and having the surgery I knew there was nothing else I could do to correct my hair loss and as a consequence I was able to stop being so fixated on it which was a welcome relief after years of dwelling on it.  Regardless of the result that in itself would have been worth the investment to me.  The fact that the hairline came in as projected has left me with a positive impression of the experience.