ScottishGuy's - Profile page 7 months (wet hair pics)

Posted :4/3/2010

It's been two months since I last did any update. Since month 5 there's been some improvement, although the rate of change is slow so I must be getting very close to the final result now.
I don't expect much more change from now, but I'll add one caveat that I have been shedding a lot of hair over the past 3 weeks, so that may allow for some more improvement in a few months once this shedding cycle has finished.
I'll present three sets of photos:1 set with wet and messy hair, which is kind of designed to show the HT at its worst. 1 set with dry hair and no product1 set with dry hair and some product
All of the 7 month photos were taken one week after buzzing my hair to a grade 7 all over (grade 6 back and sides). At the 5 month photos my hair was grade 10. 

Closer view behind the hairline on the left. The hairline on the left is also a bit weak compared to the right.

Head tilted to see behind the hairline. I'm always quite aware of the weakness behind the hairline on the right when my hair is wet or messy.

Closer view behind the hairline on the right.

Looking straight on to the front. There's a patch that's always been weaker around the centre of the hairline that extends towards my left (right of the picture).

I know HT is an illusion of density so I shouldn't get too hung up on wet hair pics (especially since my hair is very short), but I do think there are some patches with weaker growth than others.