henry_chinaski's - Profile page 9 months post HT

Posted :4/16/2010

continues to fill in a bit but hard to tell much change from pics.  not sure if i will see much more progress than i have now but still hopeful that some improvement is coming.  still happy overall with my decision as i now have more hair upfront, and can definitely "fake" a decent hairline but was hoping for more density and thickness.  when just out of shower and hair is wet still seems pretty thin upfront, but when i blowdry and put some product it looks much better.  again, still happy with what i have now compared to pre-HT but my expectations might have been bigger than where i'm at.  I don't think I'll be able to stop using dermmatch, but with the concealor and the extra hair at the hairline things do look much better than before.  I am still using rogaine foam for crown, that seems to be doing well, am continuing to take generic propecia and going in for laser treatments once a week at doctors office.


left side. dry w/product


front w/flash


right side w/flash


9 months. hair wet, right out of shower.


front. hair dry with product


right side. dry w/product