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Posted :4/29/2010

I arrived at the office about 30 min early (~6am).  We got started w/ the final preop meeting shortly after that and I guess I was in the chair around 7am.  I have no memory whatsoever of the procedure to remove my donor strip.  The only thing 'eventful' I remember from the morning was the injection to numb the recipient area in the front.  Not pleasant, but very quick.  I slept on and off all morning, but couldn't really feel anything.  In Dr Cooley's words, 'it probably feels like you're wearing a leather helmet right now', and that was very accurate.  There seemed like an army of people in the room, carefully and quietly splicing grafts.  It was a continuous operation and no time was wasted.  Complete professionals. To the staff's credit, I often woke MYSELF up by snoring so loudly and I'm sure they got a kick out of that.  When I did wake up, I watched a few movies on their kickin' 40" LCD (but I know I went in and out).I chose to take a mid morning break and mid afternoon break with an excellent lunch in between.  Dr. Cooley and one his assistants (I'm almost sure that was Brandi) worked on implanting the grafts all day and by 6pm, they had put in 4345 grafts.  We were shooting for 4500, but Dr. Cooley didn't want to take any chances w/ the healing of my donor site and I thanked him for that.  I've got ~3000 more grafts available if needed but I have a feeling I'm going to be estatic with this.

Immediately AFTER the procedure.

the big day is here - op day - immediately before

Immediately before the procedure - top.

the big day is here - op day - immediately before

Immediately before the procedure - frontal.

the big day is here - op day - back view. note how

Back view. Note how Dr. Cooley phased out the grafts.. Hadn't expected that.

the big day is here - op day - later that evening.

later that evening. I'm personally impressed.

the big day is here - op day - estimate hairline.

Estimate of hairline.