FeelNRaceE's - Profile page 1 DAY after surgery

Posted :4/29/2010

Sutures are oozing a little bit and are, of course, tight, but no pain otherwise. You'll notice I have some large swelling in the templar region, but everyone told me that'll go down soon enough.  I think it's actually distorting the way my hairline looks a bit from the frontal view.  There's ~1/4" swelling on each side.

Side view. The suture shouldn't be an issue w/in a week or so, which is good b/c I can work from home.


side/frontal view.

The above pic is from the morning after, before my post op appt. I'm going to get my head cleaned by Brandi, but wanted to show you what it looked like before then. I'd say this was approx 13-14 hrs after surgery.

Post cleaning.. Looks much better (forehead swelling seems to be occurring a little now)

Other side. This is one of my favorite pics. Look at the placement. Dr Cooley and his staff are artists.