virtual's - Profile page post-op

Posted :5/8/2010

These are a few photos that are post op by three days.

Top looking down.

Back- there are stitches in there somewhere. Pretty well concealed. I think I remember Dr. Cooley commented that I had "outstanding" donor hair density. I think he had quite few left over after the 2500.

top front- hair very moist using the post-op spray that Dr. Cooley likes you to use every hour.

Another top front with flash. Notice the single hair grafts toward the front hairline.

Crown. Not sure exact count here.

First two days, really not a whole lot of pain. (Other than a dull ache in the donor area.)  I did not take anything other than standard Advil.  Third day, nearly no pain at all.  Did not really take anything.  Maybe I'm lucky.  I do have some "itchyness" that I have to fight to not scratch.  Some more spray makes it a little better.