FeelNRaceE's - Profile page DAY 13

Posted :5/12/2010

Wow.  Huge changes in the last week.  Hair loss increased dramatically in the last few days.  Even though you know it's going to fall out and go dormant, it's still extremely difficult to watch it happen and NOT wonder... Will it come back?  Honestly, I thought I'd have my hair at least a couple more weeks before it fell out.. 

day 13 - donor site healing nicely. stitches coming

Donor site healing nicely. Stitches coming out tomorrow.

day 13 - good-bye... see you again in few months.

Good-bye... See you again in a few months.

day 13 - i think they shaved little too much this

I think they shaved a little too much on this side when they did the surgery...It sucks b/c I can't shave my hair all down to the same length until that grows back in.

day 13 -