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Posted :5/19/2010


12 Day Update:  Ive just taken all the staples out. I did it myself !  I read on a forum, (by a surgeon) that he recommended taking every other staple out first, then all of them.

I found it quite easy  - I used a bottle of Jack Daniels, a plank to chew on, and a claw hammer.  :D
 It took a while to set up 2 mirrors (one was a shaving mirror, with a x2 magnification) and to get the light right. Really, I would not recommend it - quicker to go to your GP clinic.
pretty pain free, and strangely satisfying - like picking glue off you hands when you were a kid.
The advantage it, then if you snag a hair, or scab, you can immediately back off and get another grip.

TIP: never accidentally use the staple remover took UPSIDE DOWN!  It will bend the staple the wrong way, further into your head!  

Attached our some pics.  Would appreciate your comments. On one side I think you can see a lot of shock loss (either that, or that is the scar from the previous HT. You can see the terraced effect of all the other HTs Ive had, underneath the donor scar). Am worried about buzzing that area down.

Had no swelling or spots. All the graft hairs are still in. Am using Minox twice a day - read that this will give a 30% chance that the grafts will not actually fall out - which would be nice.
From the pic of the top, you can also see where the single hairs were placed on the hair line.
Can also see, in the middle, the dirty great f*ck* off orrible punch grafts.

Am going on holiday with the out-laws in weeks time.  NIGHTMARE. will have to buzz the hair down, and just use a cap the whole time.

day 12 staples out -

day 12 staples out - the top see fine single hairs

The top: see the fine single hairs on the edge, and the big clumps in the middle (from the Hair Clinic, in London- cheers!)

day 12 staples out -

day 12 staples out -