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Posted :5/24/2010

16 days post op - went for a hair cut. Feel much better now. I chose my
barber wisely I think - a guy who was involved in HTs and now does Hair
Systems (god forbid)- so knows how to be discreet. (not like the Italian
maniac with number 3 clippers, that I used last time)

He managed to even it out - while still leaving it long enough at the
back to almost cover the 5 strip scars. Yes thats
5. Do I win the prize for "Most HTs with bugger all to show for it?"
Hopefully that will change.

I feel vaguely normal now. the ironic thing is, this is the first time
in my life Ive been out in public with very short hair, and exposed
thinning crown, and it was great! Felt like I had nothing to hide -
didnt care if the wind blew by hair.

I am using Couvre to cover the scars that show through. The graft hairs
are still hanging in there. And Im quite attached to them. They are my
friends, and I talk to them every night. (Im kidding). (no Im not).

anyway... the guy that cut my hair was quite old, and was telling me a
lot about the history of HTs and some of the horror stories he has seen.
Invented by Dr Orentreich (new York) in the 50s, using 4mm plugs - can
you imaging looking like this:


He was also telling me about "Flap Surgery" - he has met a few people
who have had this done. OMFG. A 4cm stip harvested from the side is
implanted on the hairline - skin and all. This must have been utter
HELL for the people that had it done. Can anyone reading this shed any
more light?

All this did make me think: HTs are still only 40 years old. Will we
look back in 100years time and view FUE/strip surgery with the same
disbelief? What will the technique be at that time? (or, as Gene
Roddenberry once said, when commenting on jean Luc Picard's baldness, in
2233 we wont need a cure, because we wont care about make Pattern

day 16 haircut +

day 16 haircut +

day 16 haircut +

longer at the back to cover over the scars. Hopefully in a few weeks I can get it clipped again, and it will look a bit more even