kiwicut's - Profile page Day 34 - No pics update

Posted :6/17/2010

Hey Guys. Things are well.Unfortunately my donor area is still not 100%. There is one little area that is  still giving me problems. Up until a few days ago it was tender and scabbing.I emailed the team in Carolina and it was suggested I take some more antibiotics and use more antibiotic cream. Luckily for me I still had at least a quater of my antibiotic cream left. I've been applying it for 3 days now and its almost healed - that cream is miracle cream.I think its my fault though because I've been wearing a hat and I was kind of ignoring the fact that it was hurting. Well not so much ignoring but I just wasnt really thinking about it.When it finally occurred to me to check it out I acted promptly on Ailienes suggested course of action. I should have done this 2 weeks ago!!Otherwise things are fine. I'd say 90% of the transplanted hairs have fallen out, there are some clingons remaining in the frontal area. These I've been told will either fall out or grow in due course. Now its just the waiting game.  Its depressing having to wait!!One thing that drives me mad about this site is that there is no logical order to the blogs listed per surgeon here: want to be able to go there and see the most recent blogs added. Otherwise navigating / trying to find the most up to date blogs is near impossible. I have to open ever single one and look at the dates in the left hand column. Being a web developer I'd love to help but my cries have gone unheard or ignored. Bill if you read this I'd love to help make this site even better :D