Orion's - Profile page 4 Month Post Op Dr. Feller

Posted :2/10/2007

Things have recently started to pick up in the last few weks. I would say at 3.5 months is where I noticed some significant growth activity which is a relief b/c I was worried I may be a late bloomer. Still have some sensitive areas in the top rear of my head. Feels weird when I try to brush the area but nothing to major. Scar sensitivity has been improving but very slowly for me. The one thing I do notice is that my right frontal area is growing much quicker than my left. I hear this happens and is normal and eventually both sides grow out evenly. Hairline is looking better as well.

4 month post op dr. feller - hairline shot

Hairline shot

4 month post op dr. feller - top with flash

Top with flash

4 month post op dr. feller - frontal 3rd no flash

Frontal 3rd no flash