kiwicut's - Profile page Day 54 - with pics

Posted :7/4/2010

Hi Guys. Things are good. Here's my 54 day update.1) I experienced a little shock loss this time round but its nothing that I can't handle - ok so its been a little depressing but looking at other peoples results on this site help make the wait tolerable.2) I have been a little self conscious because of the redness in the front but it is finally fading away. In hindsight time has flown by and I've been too busy to stress out about it too much. Thank god for a busy life! 3) Today I was having a close look at my hair in the mirror and there are still quite a few transplanted hairs growing in the front. I can also feel them around the sides and on the top of my head. Aileen from from Dr Cooleys office did say that their patients occasionally see this benefit - they put it down to the acell solution that they use.(I'll try to get some photos of this for you) 4) My scar has almost healed thanks to a continued use of the Biafine cream. Its the stuff that miracles are made off!!So the 54 day conclusion. Bring on months 3 & 4!! 

day 54 - with pics - this photo illustrates how thin

This photo illustrates how thin my hair is on the left hand side - its like the grande canyon there (at least it is in mine eyes).

day 54 - with pics - this was actually taken around

This was actually taken around 9 days ago. I took it to illustrate how red it is still looking in the front - its actually faded a little more since then though.