azn_guy's - Profile page 5 Months

Posted :7/12/2010

Today marks my fifth month and everything appears to be looking good. The only concern I have (which is minimal) is the donor strip scar, it's about 3mm wide which I'm not that happy with. With a 3mm wide scar it makes it difficult to keep my hair short especially with my asian hair characteristics.Here are some notes to take out of the 5th month- Recipient Growth is seen, especially in the hairline- Donor Scar Redness continues to fade- Donor Scar Pain ==> 1/10, I think mainly due to pimples- Grafts that have not grown still present (I think)Month 6 expectations- Recipient Hair will continue to grow- Donor Scar Redness will continue to fade- Donor Scar Pain should be 0/10