Furryguy's - Profile page 48 Hours after my procedure

Posted :7/16/2010

Had my procedure about 48 hours ago.  Dr. Feller and his Staff were great!!  Everything was explained to me every step of the way.  I received 2000 grafts and the entire procedure took about 6 hours. There was no pain and the only discomfort was the injection of the anesthetic and that was just like a little pinch. 
I haven’t had any discomfort in the recipient area. The donor incision was sore and sleeping the first night was a little difficult, but the pain medication helped a lot.
I didn't need any of the pain medication yesterday and sleeping last night was just fine. There is no discomfort in the recipient area, just a little itchy now and then.  The donor incision is ever so slightly sore and just feels a little tight. I haven’t needed any of the pain medication since the first night.
Looking forward to buzzing the rest of my hair in a few days.