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Posted :7/22/2010

<html><body topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" marginwidth="1" marginheigth="1" style="background-color: #ffffff">A lot of the transplanted hairs that did not shed are still there growing. They are getting longer in the front. I'm starting to see more little hairs now in the hairline. Fingers crossed!! Here are a few pics. I keep meaning to get the wife to take some photos but we keep getting distracted by the new TV series V... its pretty cool.</body></html>

day-73-pics - what this photo shows is little transplanted

What this photo shows is little transplanted hairs growing in the frontal region. My hat is pulling back existing hairs so you can see the transplants - those existing hairs are either natural or transplanted hair from my previous transplant. I have no idea which.

day-73-pics - this is more close up frontal recipient

This is more of a close up of the frontal recipient area. You can see the little hairs a little better - and you can see little dots. Those little dots when examined closely are indeed little hairs just starting to sprout. I'm hoping to see the same on top. I'll do my best to get some decent pics - it just occurred that if I don't do it soon I want be able to make the a decent 4month comparison myself!!

day-73-pics - this photo show top my head. this photo

This photo show the top of my head. This photo makes my hair look fuller then what it is, however even with "comb over" you can still see my scalp. Its much worse some days - I have hat hair in this pic too. Its my current strategy. I wear my hat in the morning and it locks everything into place for the day. Kinda. Actually it looks like I need to brush my hair.

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