ScottishGuy's - Profile page 11 months post op

Posted :8/1/2010

Pretty much at final result time (I've not noticed much change in the last few months at least).Before taking these pictures I cut my hair down to a grade four using my clippers. It feels like it may be shorter than the grade 4 I'd get at the barbers, but this is the absolute shortest I would go if I had the choice.Comparing this to 5 months pre-op (when my hair was a similar length, or just slightly longer), its clear I've come a long way and I am much happier with my hair now than I was then.It's not a 100% perfect HT - see the pictures below for discussion on this, but I have options I never had before.

11 months post op - right side. sadly not so great.

Right side. Sadly not so great. Maybe I just got an evil camera angle, but the density seems lower than the left. Possibly the weak patch in the 'corner' draws attention to itself too much, but it does seem to be more obvious where the transition from native to transplanted hair takes place. Slightly disappointed by this view.

11 months post op - scar. i can detect bit hat head

Scar. I can detect a bit of hat head, and there is some weakness above the ear, but I don't think its too bad overall. The area at the back/center of my head feels completely normal and I can't detect the scar at all.

11 months post op - view front.

clearly there is

View from the front. Clearly there is a patch on my right side (left of the photo) where there was sub optimal growth. In fact my right side looks generally thinner (more about this below).

11 months post op - left side. this looks pretty decent.

Left side. This looks pretty decent. Of course I'd like a bit more density, but I think the hair direction blends nicely with my existing hair. There are some patches of weakness (one I do notice is at the far left of the hairline just before it joins with the hair at the side of my head).

11 months post op - direct front. the center hairline

Direct from the front. The center of the hairline is a bit weak and this is something that tends to stand out more if I try to comb my hair back. In terms of naturalness, I have very coarse hair which is maybe less natural, especially if the density is on the lower side as it is in the center. One thing I am slightly concious of from time-to-time is that the hairline is marginally lower on my left side. I realise this was probably to make it seem less artificial, but I think I'd prefer it wasn't the case.

Mainly because of the weakness on the right side, I feel that I need to use dermmatch. When my hair is longer I don't need concealer, although I do use some to strengthen my temple points (my left temple point seems weaker than the right).