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Posted :6/18/2010

After considering a number of doctors, I decided to go
for Dr. Ron Shapiro. The reason I chose him was that his hairline seemed
very natural and it seemed that he could make distinctive change even
with fewer number of graft compared to other doctors.One thing is
that I first looked at hairloss blogs of his patients but there were
not so many blogs of his patients, so at first I thought he was not that
famous. But I found a bunch of result pictures on the forum from whom
didn't make their hairloss blog so I suggest each of us to make blog.
It's really helpful for getting a big picture and deciding which doctor
to go.I expect to get 17~25 hundread grafts and my surgery is
scheduled on August 3rd so I should from now on do the scalp exercise. I
hope it will work fine and hopefully painlessly.In the picture,
the black line is what I planned and yellow one is what the clinic
suggested. I will need to talk with doctor how to design the hairline.

I copied this from my hair loss blog from