azn_guy's - Profile page 6 Months

Posted :8/12/2010

Everything is looking good. Right now I'm in the waiting stages, everything looks to be normal and I'm not seeing a dramatic difference between Month 5 and Month 6. This is mostly due to my existing hair taking the spotlight with the new grown hair. I probably wont see any dramatic changes until the 8-10 month mark.I did speak with Dr. Cooley and will be getting a Scar Revision in a few months to fix the Donor Scar (see my previous journal entry)Month 6 Results- Hairline is definitely apparent- Donor Scar is about 5mm- Donor Scar Color is fading- Now Just waitingMonth 7 Expectations- Recipient Area Thickening Since it's difficult to see the progress, take a look at Photo 6, I will use this now as reference to gauge the thickening process 

This photo will be used the next couple of months to showcase the thickening process