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Posted :10/14/2010

So I'm just over the two month mark with my hair transplant and I'm starting to see some hair appear! I've been finding it fun so far because it's really a reverse process of going bald - I know that sounds obvious... Instead of looking in the mirror checking how much things have deteriorated (as in over the past 5 years), I spend 30 seconds (or more) looking at what's grown each day...! For me, it's exciting to find new strands coming to the surface. I'm still wearing a hat when I go out so I wouldn't say I've gotten away from the "Friar Tuck" monk look that is still very much apparent but, in the right light (dark!), I can see things progressing nicely.I still have some slight numbness above my donor area but it's much less than before and I am confident it will disappear soon.

2-months-in-and-starting-to-see-progress - my hair

My hair from the same angle as in earlier shots.

2-months-in-and-starting-to-see-progress - i thought

I thought this "front on" angle shows a little better how my hair looks from my perspective.