azn_guy's - Profile page 9 Months

Posted :11/12/2010

This is my 9th month and I think everything is going as planned. I can't really tell if there are any changes anymore, because everything is so gradual. A few things that I would nit-pick about is the top of my head, right in front of the crown is a bit thin. While I did not ask Dr. Cooley to do anything in this are (Zone 4 I believe) I personally am not a fan of this spot. Another thing I would probably nit-pick about is the left temple, the hairline is not aligned with the right temple, this is actually quite obvious and when I go in for my Scar Revision, I will ask Dr. Cooley to place grafts here. Lastly would be the scar above my left ear (my HT consisted of 2 strip scars, the main scar and an extra strip above the ear to get additional grafts) the donor scar is ok, because of my hair characteristics (asian hair), even at a clipper #4, you'll notice that the hair above the left ear is not as thick as the right earthese are my concerns ;)In December I am scheduled to visit Dr. Cooley for a Scar Revision, I will be asking for ACELL when I get this done since Dr. Cooley recommended it. Too bad it cost additional $$$, but I think it is worth it.