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Posted :11/5/2010

pre-op - dr. rahals surgical plan. the dimpled effect

Dr. Rahal's surgical plan. The dimpled effect from over-sized incisions from my first surgery are visible in this picture.

pre-op -

pre-op - hairline pre-op with dr. rahal. very low

Hairline pre-op with Dr. Rahal. Very low density and poorly placed grafts from my first procedure at another clinic are clearly visible. Dr. Rahal actually performed FUE on several of those poorly placed grafts in the hairline and re-circulated them to achieve a more natural look.

pre-op -

pre-op - the existing strip scar my first surgery.

The existing strip scar from my first surgery. Needless to say, I was very disappointed with how the scar looks...certainly not that pencil line that we hear so much about. Dr. Rahal informed me post-op that he was able to revise the entire scar, which I am very happy about.