M&M's - Profile page 10 - Post Shapiro (10 Months)

Posted :4/14/2007

The growth continues to come but it is slow. I think it looks quite natural, but I've been advised by Dr. Shapiro that I likely fall into the 'late bloomer' category. It's too bad, as I was definitely hoping for more thickness earlier on, but as long as it comes eventually, I'll be pleased.

10 - post shapiro 10 months - nasty looking scar one

Nasty looking scar on one side. Not sure why as I was very careful not to work out or cause it any harm.

10 - post shapiro 10 months - left side scar is much

Left side scar is much better.

10 - post shapiro 10 months - getting better...

Getting better...

10 - post shapiro 10 months - side angle shot showing

Side angle shot showing that a little more thickness would make things appear much better. It's still tough to pull off very short hair.