Old Bald Guy's - Profile page Second HT - Week 1, (First HT - Month 13)

Posted :12/16/2010

1 year after the first HT procedure the doctor and I concluded that some areas of the grafts didn't "take" as well as others (especially in the front) and that we could fill in those areas which would improve the final result.  The doctor felt that 1,500 additional grafts would more than do the job but I had her do an additional 900 grafts to be added to the crown area for a total of about 2,375 new grafts.We don't know why some of the original grafts seemed not to fill in as well as others but I included a photo below of the first week following the first HT procedure.  You can see that I had much more swelling, redness and scabbing than I have following the second HT procedure. Perhaps that had something to do with certain areas that didn't "take" as well.  I do have a minor skin condition that will flare up occasionally and perhaps that had an impact as well.Also, my donor areas are more "tight" and tender than after my first procedure.  For a month prior to my first procedure I daily massaged my scalp vigorously and that seemed to help a lot with regard to donor area tenderness and pain. Unfortunately, I forgot to do that this time and donor area sensitivity is more noticeable.

The total grafting now appears to be much more consistent with the less dense areas now filled in.

In the photo it appears that my hair is combed over but it's actually combed back.

This is my scalp condition after one week following my first HT procedure 13 months ago. The redness, swelling and scabbing are quite noticeable.

This is week 1 following the second HT procedure. The scalp condition looks and feels much better than after the first procedure. All of these week 1 photos are taken with my hair wet and combed back whereas all my previous photos were of dry hair combed in place so they will appear different in that regard. Also, some of the growth from the first procedure was trimmed to facilitate grafting in the second procedure.

I will continue to post monthly or semi-monthly.  If the first procedure is any indication the new grafts will have fallen out by about week 6 and will start growing back about month 3-4.  Good luck to all.