Colorado42's - Profile page 4.5 Months after procedure

Posted :12/23/2010

I'm a little late on this update as my wife just had our first baby this week!My hair is still coming in and I've been receiving more and more comments about how my hair looks much better from everyone that knows me. If I have a close enough relationship with them, I let them in on why I've got more hair. Otherwise, I just say that I'm feeling great and I changed hair products!When I go out now, I feel much more comfortable than I have in years. I realize the coverage isn't total but it's like my hair has undone several years of balding and when I catch my reflection in mirrors at the mall, I don't get a rude shock like I used to. My hair stylist, who was very anti hair transplants when I said I was getting one, has changed his attitude and is quite impressed with my results.
The density is stronger in the front than the crown area but this was to be expected as this was planned in discussions with Dr Rahal before the surgery
I'm having normal haircuts now. I have also stopped using Rogaine and am back to living my life without spending time worrying about my hair. I'm very happy with how things are progressing and am very glad I embarked on this course of action!

Shot a little higher angle.

4.5 months after procedure - other side head. again

Other side of head. Again, close haircut but scar only slightly visible.

4.5 months after procedure - from front.

From the front.

4.5 months after procedure - had haircut yesterday

Had a haircut yesterday and went quite close to scalp. Scar is just slightly visible