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Posted :12/23/2010

Sadly not much seems to be happening yet. I keep imagining that I see one or two hairs starting to pop up BUT I don't want one or two hairs popping through I want the 3000 + hairs that were transplanted to pop on through. 

Does anybody have any pics or know of any profiles that demonstrate not so much growth around the 7 and 8 month mark but show more significant growth around the 9 and 10 month mark? Seeing some pics that illustrate this would be really encouraging right now. 

month-7-pics-hair-still-not-growing - as you can see

As you can see the middle area there is pretty sparse. I was hoping for more by now. Dr Cooley tells me that in some people their growth begins around the 8 month mark. I'd love to see some photos where this is the case - that would make me feel much better :P