dtyn's - Profile page 29 Dec 2010 - 1 day (Swelling)

Posted :12/31/2010

Went back to the clinic for hair wash and follow up consultation. Dr. Path was very pleased with the results and so was I.
I had some swelling at the forehead due to the accumulation of fluids (e.g. injected anasthetic) so the headband was essential.
Never remove it except for hair wash or when Dr. Path tells you to. I heard of someone whose entire face SWELLED up. I plan to keep mine on for at least a few more days.


Right - hairline down by almost 2 inches! :D


Left - hairline down by almost 2 inches! :D


Front View - my hairline is down by an inch! Remember the mole on my forehead on consultation day? The new hairline has covered it!