kiwicut's - Profile page Month 7 - Pic 2

Posted :1/2/2011

Nothing much to report, I'm waiting for mid January at which point I will have reached the 8 month mark. At that point I will upload more pics.

I'm scared that for some reason my transplant was a complete failure with a 0% growth rate. However the sensible part of my brain is like, relax there are few profiles on this site with a 0% growth rate!! Urghhh nerves!!! 

That said if people can suggest profiles to look at that show little growth around 8 months but that also show things starting to come right soon after... man I would really appreciate it!!!

month 7 - pic 2 - i dont think there is much action

I don't think there is much action going on in there yet, but I'm not the best judge, however I still think my hair looks better now then it did at my 4 month pics.