dtyn's - Profile page 04 Jan 2011 - 1 week (Scabby)

Posted :1/3/2011

Removed stitches yesterday, the only ones left are the dissolvable ones. Wear an old T-shirt when going to the doctor as you may bleed when the stitches are removed. I had a bloodstain on my white business shirt :(
Donor area feels less 'raised' and only very slightly sore. No problem sleeping last night.
Scabs/Crusts have formed over the grafts and I expect them to come off in the coming days.

Healing up nicely

Right temple close-up shot

Front Hairline - Scabs/crusts are turning dry and brown. See the mole highlighted in red? Amazing work by Dr Path.. my hairline is down by over an inch!

Still using baby shampoo twice a day to gently wash my hair. Will be able to use my regular shampoo this weekend.

Luckily I kept my hair long, did not need to wear a hat/cap to work. Just used some wax and a little clever styling. Colleagues whom I did not tell, did not notice!