MaC83's - Profile page 2 Months Post-Op

Posted :1/5/2011

Patience is a virtue...but in short supply right now.  My frustration is aimed not at the procedure, but rather at my finasteride regimen.  This month is the sixth since starting with Proscar, and I haven't noticed any regrowth in my crown.  I'm not even sure if I've had regrowth of the hair that was initially shed in the first four months.  I know that six months is still premature, but I was hoping that I would be an early responder to the drug.  I can say without question that my hair was noticeably thicker immediately prior to treatment.  That said, the shedding that I was experiencing prior to surgery seems to have slowed considerably in the two months post-op.

2 months post-op - this is shot loss in my crown.

This is a shot of the loss in my crown. Most of the exposed scalp can still be covered with my hair combed back, but I'm nervous about it expanding. I've had conversations with Dr. Rahal about a future procedure for the crown, and his plan is to wait for the time being, to see if infact, it does expand. Prior to my procedure, I was using Nanogen fibres to conceal the loss in the crown, and the results were amazing.

2 months post-op -