dtyn's - Profile page 09 Jan 2011 - 12 days (Crusty)

Posted :1/8/2011

Good news:

  • Right on cue, the scabs are turning crusty and shedding.

  • Donor scar is healing well. At times I've already forgotten it's there.

  • I can shampoo normally but still going gentle on the donor and donee areas. Washing twice a day and leaving the shampoo in for 5 minutes.

Not so good news:

  • There is shock loss at the donor site. It started 1 week after surgery. Fortunately my hair was long enough to cover it reasonably well.

  • A little itch at the donor area but I can easily live with that (I'm better with itch than pain)

  • I can still feel a very slight ache at donor area when I lie on my pillow but nothing that affected sleep.  


Front View - You can see the scabs coming off. They look like dandruff! (sorry these photos are a little disgusting)




RHS - Compare with Consultation Day photo. You will see the mole on the right forehead. Amazing work!


Donor back

So far so good, progress on schedule. Look forward to play some sports this week!