pianoman99's - Profile page 9 Months Post Op

Posted :1/25/2011

Hi,Some pictures after 9 months are attached. Its been a long wait, and after I stopped obsessing in the mirror (took about 4 months to stop that!), the growth just crept up on me. My aim was to (naturally) fill in the hairline at the temples where the mini-grafts were showing up. Dr feller took the hairline slightly lower, filled in the peak in the center, and went back as far as he could. Im very happy with the results - evident from the fact that I have not looked at hair blogs/forums for about 5 months! Slowly started realising that I no longer worried about my hair!  JOB DONE!  My crown is another matter, but Im not too worried about that. Im back to a fairly natural looking head of hair for a 40 year old, and thats all I can ask for. Those few months post op seem like a long time ago.  Didnt enjoy the shaved head at all (and lying low for a few months), but definitely worth it!   All photos taken under very harsh flash and Halogen light.

9 months post op -

The hairline at the top are the new grafts

9 months post op -

9 months post op - similar to above

Similar to above

9 months post op - front picture

Front picture