MaC83's - Profile page 3 Months Post-Op

Posted :2/4/2011

I just got home from my three month follow-up appointment with Dr. Rahal.  He was pleased to see a gradual improvement in fullness and a more clearly defined hairline.  Unfortunately, he confirmed what I had been fearing for some time now, and that is that my scar has infact stretched in the middle.  I suppose I always knew that the odds were stacked against the likelihood of achieving a really clean, tight scar.  The first issue is that Dr. Rahal had to revise the existing scar which was already too low, resulting in increased tension.  The other major issue is my line of work.  I'm in construction, and despite my best efforts, there is only so much that I can do to avoid strenuous work and heavy lifting.  Having said that, the fact is that I have never kept a hairstyle short enough for the scar to become exposed and I have no intentions of starting now.  Ever the optimist, Dr. Rahal is very confident that I am going to be more than happy with the results of the grafted area in the coming months.

3 months post-op - i thought i would experiment with

I thought I would experiment with some Nanogen to satisfy my curiosity before jumping into the shower. I'm avoiding using any concealers on the grafted area for atleast six months, which is why I quickly washed it out. If in a year's time I can achieve this look without the help of a concealer, I would be thrilled.

3 months post-op - there is bit an illusion in this

There is a bit of an illusion in this picture. It looks as though my left side is considerably thicker than my right. The reality is that my hair naturally falls from right to left, and both sides of my forelock are about equal. I have noticed a slight improvement in fullness, which leads me to believe that some new growth has begun. Upon close inspection, I can see short, fine hairs sprouting through the surface. The hairline itself is also a little more defined. Any comments are welcome.