dtyn's - Profile page 27 Feb 2011 - 2 months (Pimples)

Posted :2/27/2011

The past month has been the toughest to date. I estimate over 90% of transplanted hair has shed. To make things worse, folliculitis has set in.
The consolation is that the shedding seems to have stopped and less pimples now.
The donor scar has also healed so well that it is just a pink line.

27 feb 2011 - 2 months pimples - front - most have

Front - Most have shed. A few stubborn ones remained, these are real long now, almost 2 cm. Dr Path had also shaved a little of my original hair, these are growing back fast.

27 feb 2011 - 2 months pimples - right temple. sorry

Right temple. Sorry about the blood spot, I think I broke a pimple there.

27 feb 2011 - 2 months pimples - left temple.

Left temple.

Hopefully better news to report end-March, at the 3 month mark.