MaC83's - Profile page 4 Months Post-Op

Posted :3/6/2011

I'm now four months post-op and as much as I hate to admit it, the level of anxiety for me is probably higher at this point than at any other throughout the process.  I suppose the reason for that is because of the graft growth timeline.  I find myself, all to often searching for new hair growth.  I'm starting to believe that the new hairs come in so thin and fine, that they aren't immediately noticeable.  Morale is a strange thing these days, it fluctuates so dramatically.  Some days, I'm very pleased with the progress thus far, and other days, I'm concerned that I won't achieve the results that I was hoping for.  There continues to be improvements in fullness, though density is not a word in my vocabulary at the moment.  I have concerns about a couple of gaps that seem to be less full than the the rest of the grafted area, but I realize I'm still early into the process and that the biggest changes come between months 4 and 8.  I'll keep my fingers crossed.  Any comments are welcome.

4 months post-op -

4 months post-op - in comparison to pre-op improvement

In comparison to pre-op, the improvement of the left side of my hairline is already significant. Hopefully the center and right hand side will follow suit soon enough.