Amped's - Profile page 4 Weeks Post Op - Buzz

Posted :3/8/2011

Took the clippers stuck the 3/8" comb and buzzed it all off. Honestly I wasn't sure what is considered grade 3 but I must have hit it bang on borderline for scar visibility. I don't believe you can see the scar per say, but simply the layer of missing hair following the surgery, or added missing strands due to shock loss.<br /><br />The hair you see is native hair , although I may have hung on to a few winner grafts but its impossible to say. Either way , I feel ten times better and after some toppik, pretty much back to normal.</span></p>

Straight as is.

After Toppik

Scar with flash

Sorry, this should have gone first, but here is before Toppik and full on flash...

<p><br /></p>