kiwicut's - Profile page 10 Months - 1 pic (feedback please)

Posted :3/13/2011

Hey guys. This gap is a worry and today I'm wearing a hat. I don't want to be wearing a hat after 3k grafts!!I sent an email to baldingblog who said that they would be surprised if they saw much more new hair growth after 10 months. We'll see though - at the moment Gemini1 (a poster on this blog) is the only person I've found that has expressed good growth between 10 - 12 months. So I'm still going to be optimistic until 12 months. I wonder if my physiology is just somehow not suited to HTs, is that even possible? Also I'm going to try cutting my hair shorter and compare that with pre HT images. What I'm thinking is that maybe I could get another 3000 FUE grafts in there to thicken it up. I'm not going to get another strip - because if for some reason the next 3000 don't take... then I'm screwed :P

10 months - 1 pic feedback please -