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Posted :3/18/2011

I don't feel so bad about my hair today. 
When I look at my hair under harsh lights, I sometimes think to myself, I really do hope that this is all transplanted hair. Because if that is the case then if I get another transplant then it'll thicken things up nicely.

10-months-1-week-pics - my current obsession. sigh.

My current obsession. Sigh. I really want to get another 3000 grafts and get myself into a situation where I am one of the posters here that says "wow I've forgotten all about my hair - that is why I havent posted here for the last 9 months". I want to be that guy. We'll see :)

10-months-1-week-pics - i want to thicken this area

I want to thicken this area up on both sides and also the general density around the front and on top.